Tuesday 20 January 2009

Cards I made at our craft day

I went to the same crafting day on Sunday as Viv over on Crafting Haven. What an absolutely brilliant day it was too. You can read all about it on Viv's blogspot, I won't bore you with details you may already have read except to say a huge thank you to Pauline and Rob for their wonderful hospitality:o)
These are the 4 cards I managed to make on the day, all backing papers are HOTP.
Jackie xx


Jackie said...

Oooooooooooooops! I put the wrong heading and don't know how to change it now :o)
Jackie xx

Unknown said...

Ha Ha! I'll e-mail you the how to Jackie. ;0)

Loving these cards. Especially the third and fourth ones.
The papers are gorgeous, as is what you've done with them.
What a smashing day we had, didn't we!
Love Viv xx

ikki said...

These are lovely cards whatever the heading - I think you go into edit your post and just change the title. Have left something for you on my blog. ikki xx

Jackie said...

Thank you ladies, I have managed to change the title now :o)
Jackie xx