Monday 23 February 2009

I've been tagged by Jennie G.....

..... so I have to write down 20 things about me! Not sure I am that interesting but here goes :o)

1. I am 5' 1" tall (or short)

2. I have brown eyes

3. I did have dark brown hair but there is a lot of silver in it now (sounds better than grey) :o)

4. I love to go out and about with my digital cameras and will take photographs of practically anything

5. I currently have around 15,000 photographs in my portfolio

6. Most important of all, I adore my family and am lucky enough to have them living close by me

7. I have spent many years researching my family history but have hit a brick wall now

8. I live in beautiful Derbyshire so I don't have to travel far for magnificent scenery

9. I love reading, mainly thrillers or historical sagas with a bit of sci fi thrown in

10. My favourite TV programmes are historical and wildlife documentaries but most of all I love archeaology stuff.

11. I love getting together with my crafting friends for a day or evening of nonstop crafting and chinwagging

12. I go to the Derby Dabblers club on the first Friday of every month where we have a great crafting and social evening

13. I live fairly close to Elvaston Castle Coubtry Park and spend many happy hours strolling and taking photographs there

14. I am also fairly close to Attenborough Nature Reserve, another of my favourite places

15. I am a working pensioner!

16. I have recently joined forces with a DC friend and we produce craft CDs full of images from our own photographs

17. I am going on holiday in April with 6 other crafters

18. I love walking but due to my legs being a bit iffy I have to be content with taking my stick for a stroll :o)

19. I love music and my radio is on all the time when I am in the house or car

20. And finally, I have run out of ideas :o)

I now have to tag 5 people and therse are; Christine (nanaseaside); sassy; handcrafted with love; Viv and Ikki

That was so difficult :o)
Jackie xx

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jennie'g' said...

thanks jackie for taking part well done love jenniexx