Sunday 14 June 2009

Oh woe is me!

What a day I've had so far. I got up full of good intentions; make 3 challenge cards, crop photographs for the naming day invites, convert some of the files for our man CD to PDF, a bit of weeding........
I turned the computer on first things to check my emails and have a little blog hop with my morning coffee. My monitor was dead as a Dodo! I did all the necessary checks, loose wires, fuse etc, nothing but black screen and total silence :o( Of course there is no warranty left on it!
Off I go and do the 14 mile round trip to the computer store to see if I can get a new monitor. Get myself a bargain, clearance line at very reasonable price. Gets home, plugs it in, works great but everyone is little and fat like me, and there is no sound. I can cope with little and fat, been like it for years, silence I do not like. Took it back to the shop, turns out that it had no sound capability! Paid another £27 and bought a replacement and double/triple checked it was "wired for sound". It was thank goodness, but everyone is still little and fat. No doubnt I will get used to wide screen eventually and who knows, I may even find out how to make it normal size. In the meantime here I am with nothing done, no cards, no cropped pics, no files converted. Methinks I had better hi-tail it to the craftroom and see what I can come up with.
Jackie xx


Cass said...

Hi Jackie,nothing worse than computer woes.Your screen resolution just might need adjusted.
Cass xxx

Unknown said...

But look on the bright side Jack!! Yer got a right bargain Chukky Egg!
Luv Viv xxx

Chrissie said...

Let's hope that this kind of day doesn't occur too often! At least you have your computer up and running now!