Saturday 20 March 2010

Fab day out

No cards as I've had a fab day out. I will put my project on tomorrow when I can take it's piccy in daylight :o)
3 of us went to Monk's Den at Ashby de la Zouch this morning for a workshop. I can 't normally go as I work Saturdays, but it was the culmination of a great week off work. Spent a king's ransome in the shop too but I had been saving for this week to have a real blowout. It's a good job my week has come to an end because I was on the point of beggaring myself! What money I had left I passed on the the lovely Pauline so she can look for MS punches at the NEC next week for me :o)
We were ravenously hungry by the time we got back to Pauline's but she had the forsight to phone ahead and get the family to put jackets potatoes in the oven for us, and we polished them off with lots of cheese and lots of gusto. Pauline, you are a STAR :o)
Jackie xx

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