Sunday 9 May 2010

I think I'm back!

What with being ill, then had to have the car MOTd, then bought my new laptop so the wi-fi router thingy had to be configured etc, then Virgin decided to change the email stuff so I've had no time to make anything at all BooHoo.
Well, after all that, the MOT only cost £60 which left more for my laptop which I bought on Thursday. I decided I needed another ext hard drive for backup and got a 16 gig memory stick very cheap too. Not content with my old tiny retractable mouse on the laptop (I can't get on with those silly pads) I went out this morning and bought a trackball for it :o)
I managed to do all the configuring etc myself (head's swelling) and load up my family history and graphics programmes and now I am happily broke again and cooking on gas YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Hopefully now I can get on with crafting and soon have something to upload :o)
Jackie xx


Unknown said...

Knew you could do it my gud bud!!
Looking forward to all the new stuff you create now!
Lotsa Luv
Viv xxxx


Hi Jackie
So glad you are feeing better and you have everything sorted,no time to waste now,Get Crafting!!
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Christine said...

Hi Jackie glad you got sorted you sound just like me hate new techno stuff..dread things going wrong..nice to see you back.

Hugs Christine xx

Lesley said...

well haven't you done well . and the MOT stuff only cost £60 exellent. You see you are techno wizz kid after all - glad you are on the mend this chest infection thing isn't very nice. hope to see you soon Lesley x

kay said...

hi jackie,glad you are feeling better and well done on the techno stuff,enjoy your new lappy,x

Mina said...

way to go...cant wait to see you crafting again
Mina xxx