Friday 3 September 2010

I'm a norty blogger...

...I've been awol most of the week! I am seriously decluttering in the craft and sitting rooms so haven't made any cards.
Got a charity shop picking up some furniture next Tuesday all being well then I can really get down to it. It's amazing how much a wall unit can hold! I have filled up 1 box and 3 large bags just with books which I will have to sort through.
It's also amazing how much craft stuff I have that will never be used by me, but will be very useful for my friend's grandchildren. I have completely emptied a chest of drawers so that's a bit more space to play :o)
Lots more to go though, I am being totally ruthless!
Hopefully I may get some crafting in at the weekend but don't hold your breath :o)
Jackie xx


Sarpreet said...

all i can say is good luck

coops said...

hiya jackie.i think its best to be ruthless when decluttering.i just need to convince my hubby now :)

see you soon

xx coops xx


Hi Jackie
I have been trying sort my craft stuff out too,but don't seem to be getting anywhere lol,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

issy said...

At least you've got a good excuse Jackie. Dont over do it though..


Janette said...

Oh Jackie this is just what I need to do and keep putting it family go nuts about my keeping things...they are right of course....I think you have given me inspiration to do this

Chrissie said...

Good luck with this lot Jackie... you make me feel guilty! I should do this too!

Wishcraft said...

Oh you're being very well behaved! I'm such a hoarder, I should really have a good clear out too but even things I don't really like I seem to have trouble getting rid of! Lisa x