Sunday 14 November 2010

A apology, an award and new stash

Good afternoon Bloggers. First the apology to the lovely Sally who gave me this fantastic award 2 months ago, and I was so busy at the time I totally forgot to pick it up and upload it. I have given myself a slapped wrist Sally and thank you so much for allowing me to come by and pick it up so long after the event!

I have to write 7 things about myself to accept it and I am supposed to give it to 7 bloggers too, but I am finding it so difficult to choose out of the many lovely blogging friends I have made, so I am going to be cowardly and say that if you are a follower of mine then take the award if you wish to :o)
Now for 7 things about me, not sure you will find them very interesting though :o)

1)     I love all things archaelogical and Time Team is my fave TV programme
2)     I have researched my mother's family history on the male line right back to a 
        wedding in 1625
3)     I am off work for a whole week starting today YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
4)     I love designing papers and toppers from my own photographs
5)     I have more than 20,000 of my own photographs on my external hard drive
6)     I sold one of my cards to a crafter, how cool is that?
7)     I love picking up my cameras and binoculars and getting in the car and driving just 
        anywhere on a whim :o)
And now onto retail therapy :o)
I went to PDA at Langley Mill this morning for their sale and these are the goodies I bought. I spent a king's ransome but there was 15% off everything so I am well chuffed. I'm going upstairs in a few minutes for a play  :o)
Jackie xx


Janette said...

Hi Jackie, I am gobsmacked at the amount of pics you knew you had a thing for photography, but wonder your good.xx

Unknown said...

Oooh in the words of Brucie...'Didn't you do well'! LOL
Well done on the that well desreved award too Jack!! Love Me xxxx

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Jackie, congrats on your award, you really deserve it. Fab stash, enjoy playing with it all and your week off.

Donna x

Mandy said...

Oooo gorgeous goodies hun and congrats on your award
hugs Mandy xx