Thursday 5 September 2013

The bad news just keeps on coming.....

Good morning everyone, Thank you so much for caring, you have all lifted my spirits...hugs
In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew, "I don't believe it"
I set off to go and visit Stephen in hospital yesterday but never got there. Instead I was sitting on the Derby ring road broken down for over an hour until my breakdown service arrived. Ended up being towed to my usual garage and still awaiting a report on it. Something broke in the engine and it's going to be costly! Can anything more happen to us now?
I never got to see Stephen  but Susan went last night and she said he was very tired. They must be putting him through his paces in rehab!
This morning I am going to have a try at driving Stephen's car. It is a lot bigger than I have driven for many years so I think I will take a turn or two around the village before I venture any further!
To cap it all, I had word from my cousin that our wonderful Uncle Doug has passed away. He was the nicest person anyone could ever meet and will be sadly missed. He had cancer so we were expecting it, but it's still a shock. R.I.P. Uncle Doug 1920 - 2013
Oh well, onward and upward as they say!
Jackie xx


Lisa xx said...

lets hope today is a better one for you xx

Sue said...

Oh my goodness Jackie, poor you.
Sorry to hear about your Uncle too.
I hope you get on okay with Stephen's car and that you get to see him today.
Take care, sending you hugs
Sue xx

Squirrel x said...

Oh hunny, you really are going through the mill aren't you. I am keeping you all in my prayers. Just be careful in that big car, you are only a little lady!! Biggest of hugs, Squirrel xx

Chrissy C said...

So sorry Jackie. Life has a habit of throwing these things at us and always at times one after another. I so hope your son progresses well and your car gets better too and it is not as bad as first thought. As they say chin up and keep on motoring!! xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

You are really going through it at the moment Jackie, I am sending you a big hug, I hope it isn't to costly to get the car fixed, sorry to hear of your Uncles passing.
Kevin xx

coops said...

so sorry to hear about your uncle jackie.
i hope you can drive your sons car today so that you can visit him.
sending hugs.

xx coops xx

Myrna said...

So sorry for your car trouble.
Being the strong lady you are the big car will be no problem for you. Continued prayers for Stephen and you.

nnalorac said...

Thinking of you Jackie and wish your son Stephen a full recovery. Take care. Carolxx

Unknown said...

Good grief Jackie!! What ELSE!! You poor love. I do hope the car doesn't prove to be a huge money pit. It never rains but what it pours eh! Thinking of you love. xxx

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

My heartfelt sympathy Jackie for the loss of your Uncle Doug.

Sorry about your car - gosh, everything is just happening all at once :-( Hope you will be able to drive Stephen's car OK and not have any problems with it.

When my Mum had a stroke, they got onto the rehab very quickly and she was so tired as they pushed her to keep trying to walk (she had RHS weakness from the stroke)and do all the exercises from the physiotherapist - and she is now 98% back to normal with just a slight speech impediment. You will feel very encouraged as you see Stephen improve a little each day even if it does take some time.

Sending lots of {{{hugs}}}
Jocelyn x

Lesley said...

Hi Jackie - so very sorry to hear about your Stephen - what a blow it must have been for you all especially Stephen - I do hope he continues to make progress and that his recovery will be a full one - hope you luck improves and the repair on your car isn't too costly - best wishes Lesley x
ps was just catching up on blogs this morning which is why I've not responded before x

Viv said...

One thing after another isn't it Jackie............things must improve soon...and quickly I hope :( Viv xx

Lynne in NI said...

Ohhh Jackie, you've definitely been through the mill recently! Sending {{hugs}} and prayers for better times ahead