Friday 28 August 2009

Beautiful award...

Thank you so much for thinking of me Chrissie :o)
If you haven't visited her blog yet you are in for a real treat. Why don't you hop over there now and take a peek :o)
I have to pass it on to 5 bloggers and tell you 5 things I like (I hope I got that right)!
Well I have been racking my brains for several days now and it is sooooooooooo difficult to choose one blogger over another. In the end I put all my favourite bloggers into a hat and gave it a good shake, then picked 5 out!
Viv at Crafting Haven
Di at A Crafty Nutter
Lesley at Lesley's bit of everything
Cass at a Spoonful of Sugar
Lorraine at Lorraine's Loft
Please forgive me for not linking them, I am still trying to get the hang of how to do it!
5 things I like
A lovely big hug from my nearly 4 year old Great Grandson
A lovely crisp Autumn morning when the cobwebs are covered in dew.
Waking up early on a Winter morning and looking out of my bedroom window onto a scene of pristine snow.
The beautiful colours of Autumn
Listening to my favourite CDs, too numerous to mention here
Jackie xx


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your award Jackie, well deserved, to link people for the awards, go to their blog and pick up their http address. I have a notebook with all my followers in it...when you do the posting, highlight their names and click on the icon for "link" and type in the address. hope this helps Avril...I have figured this out, but still cannot link my cards to challenges....Hugs Avril xxx said...

I just typed this into my own blog - heaven help me when I get even older!!!
Bless you Jackie ;0)
Got no time to sort it just now but will get my full attention when I get back from Wales next week - thank you bonnie lass :0)

Teresa Kline said...

congrats on the award, I am heading over to check out her blog now.....your card below this post is fabulous, I luv it!

Also, thanks for sharing all your pictures from the zoo, they are the cutest animals and birds...I really luv the baby elephant!

enjoy *~*

Sarpreet said...


Chrissie said...

Thanks for your kind words Jackie,I would concur with all those things that you like, I love them too, but as you might guess the hug would come from my granddaughter Daisy!