Tuesday 12 May 2009

My lovely blog award

I got home from work after ten last night weary and hungry, and what do I find? The lovely Chrissie over at has given me a fantastic award. What a lift it gave me, thank you so much for thinking of me Chrissie :o)Now I need to give it to 5 of my blog friends and this is very difficult as it means leaving some of you out.
I will be back when I have had a think about it :o)
Jackie xx
Here I am again having finally picked out 5 friends who very regularly visit my blog and say nice things about my projects. It was so difficult but I finally chose friends who I had not previously given awards to :o)
In no particular order:
and last but not least our own Derby Dabbler Lesley :o)


June Nelson said...

Aw Jackie you deserve the award your a lovely lass, it couldnt have gone to a better person hope your ok and enjoy the rest of your day xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

many thanks for my award - I just now have to think how I place it on my blog - easier said than done - have a great day - Lesley x

Pauline said...

That's very kind and generous of you to include me. Thank you.

Lesley said...

I've done it - Lesley

Unknown said...

Great award Jackie, it is so cute, and well deserved. I just love your blog. Hugs Avril xx


Hi Jackie
you deserve this award and thankyou for giving me this too.
Dianne xx

Lynne in NI said...

Aww thanks very much Jackie for including me! I'll have to have a think who to pass it on to now.

Cass said...

Thank you so much Jackie.I really appreciate the award.
Cass xxx