Wednesday 6 May 2009

Wild and wet in North Derbyshire

We all moan about the rain but WOW did it bucket down yesterday! It didn't stop us enjoying our day out in Wildest Derbyshire yesterday :o)

The top photograph is my daughter planted there just to give perspective when looking out from Curbar Edge. The scenery from up there is just magnificent.
Next one down shows clearly that while we think we have too much rain, there isn't a full quota in the Derwent dams!
I just had to include the ducklings, aren't they so sweet. It was fascinating sitting in the car eating our hot dogs and watching these cute little balls of fluff running around in the pouring rain :o)
Last but not least is the magnificent Derwent Dam where the legendary Dambusters practiced dropping the bouncing bombs in WW2
Jackie xx


Lesley said...

You had a good day out despite the rain - love your photo's and I too love the Derwent Dam and that area -
Lesley x

Cass said...

Beautiful photos Jackie.Sounds like you had a great day despite the weather.The duck photo is very apt.We had loads of rain yesterday too,so they'd have enjoyed it here.
Cass xxx