Saturday 21 November 2009

Another craft day.....

...coming up tomorrow Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
This time it's my turn to play hostess so they are all descending on me in the morning when we will no doubt have the obligatory bacon butties to start with then it's off to have a bit of retail therapy. Not telling you where in case you get there and buy up all the bargains first, I'll tell you after the event :o)
After that it's back here for a buffet and then wall to wall crafting, chinwagging and laughing until the evening when we will have stew and dumplings. Of course, by this time we will all be 5lbs fatter :o)
Happy crafting folks, Bye for now.
Jackie xx



Hi Jackie
Sounds fabulous ,have a great day,
Hugs Dianne xx

issy said...

Hi there Jackie, I wanna be there! I wanna be there (wails)... Have a lovely day, n dont spend or eat too much!! I will be thinking of of all. Say hello to everyone for me.

hugs n stuff


Wendy M said...

What a great idea Jackie. Have a good crafting day all :D xx

Joanne said...

Oh what fun!! Wish I could fly half way round the world and join you! Have a SUPER time! If ya drop by my blog, I have an award for you. Alha & hugs, Joanne

Lesley said...

Hi - hope you all had a good day and the stew and dumpling went down well - Lesley x