Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Crafty Cardmakers 36 - First and latest or greatest 2nd entry

This was my first ever punchart card, made in 2006, although I would hesitate to call it art LOL.

I am offering it, along with the one below, as my second entry into Crafty Cardmakers 36 first and latest or greatest.

This one is my latest punchart card made in September this year. I have since added a sentiment and gave it to a friend for her wedding anniversay.
There are so many more sophisticated tools for us to play with today :o)
Jackie xx


Sheila said...

These are both stunning! And you are right - there are so many gadgets, inks, papers etc to play with....but crafting is SUCH good fun, isn't it? TY for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers and wishing you and yours a great Festive Season! Sheila:)X

Made by Mandy said...

I've actuallly got some of the paper on your 1st card too :)

Your punch art card is lovely, so very delicate with it's layers and that fern on the bottom, is that a punch?

Thanks for your 2nd entry Jackie xxx

Jack said...

Well that Teddy card is cute and definitely a 'first' to be proud of. As for the second card - WOW! It's so elegant and fabulous. Thanks (again, lol) for joining the fun at Crafty Cardmakers this week. xx

Wishcraft said...

Aww that little bear card is so cute! Your latest one is lovely - so pretty. Lisa x

PS. Thanks for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers - see, you enjoyed it in the end lol :o)

Joanne said...

Oh Jackie, you are too hard on yourself! They are really nice! But I know what you mean - I look back at the first cards I made and I laugh out loud and think, what a RAW beginning! But we all have to start somewhere, and yours are sure better than mine!!! xoxox J:)

Tracey said...

I love looking at cards we all used to make, thanks for sharing it. How we have progressed. Love both your cards jackie but the second on is a stunner.

Tracey x

Lin said...

How brave of you to come back for a second time and with such a cute card. It's definitely of the school of less is more!

Tell me that doily isn't punched on the bottom card or I want a full breakdown of how you achieved it! I presuming it's the corners and the ferns??

Thanks for joining in the fun a second time at CCM.

Lin xx