Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Storage solutions

Good morning everyone, I hope the weather is being kind to you today :o)
On a friend's card to another friend, I noticed there was a cotton bobbin and it occured to me that I may be able to adapt it for all my loose bits of ribbon, which I mostly buy in 2m lengths. Anyway, I had a little play in SCAL, as you do, and here is the result.

I am quite chuffed with myself so I can go off to work with a smile on myself, or maybe that's going a bit too far LOL.
These are cut at 3" from top to bottom but you can cut them any size you like. You could group colours together, or types, but do wind the ribbon loosely or it will crease :o)
Jackie xx


Debgem said...

Now this is a brilliant idea!! And I think I may have to try and adapt it for use in my craft room. Thanks for the idea x

Sarpreet said...

I love your idea and thanks for the tip. Great storage and takes up less room than the ribbon reels

Handcrafted With Love said...

Nice one Jackie ;-)

Love Pam xx

Janette said...

Fab idea Jackie, always need more storage idea's.xx

coops said...

this is fab idea to store your ribbons jackie ;D

xx coops xx

annesyme said...

What a fantastic idea. I think I'll be doing something like this as I almost threw all my bits of ribbon away today after knocking the box all over the floor.
Anne x

Carole of Brum said...

Jackie, that's such a good idea, you deserve that smile on your face, lol. CoB

Sue said...

Very well done - a great idea. Sue.x