Friday, 24 June 2011

I've had enough now GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Good morning Bloggers, I hope you are all well :o)
I haven't seen my followers for weeks, indeed I've had 2 new ones recently and I don't even know who they are. In fact I can't see anyone's followers! Add to that I can't comment on any blogs as it throws me out when I try then I have to go back and sign in again and after the third attempt it won't let me sign in at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What is going on here? Yes, I did uncheck the stay signed in box ages ago!
I think it's time for me to give blogging a rest for a while. I will try again later because I don't want to sit here morning after morning tearing my hair out, it makes blogging a dreaded chore instead of the pleasure it has always been previously.
I have really enjoyed blogging until the last few weeks, made some lovely friends, seen some wonderful designs etc. Hopefully I will be back in a few weeks.
Jackie xx


Sarpreet said...

Have you tried a different explorer? i would try to post it on their twitter page and post forum. You can not be the only one.

Squirrel x said...

A few weeks? Hope you aren't gone that long hunny! Sorry you are still be plagued with problems - mine seem to be a bit hit and miss. Hugs Sxx

Sue said...

Oh Jackie what a shame but i agree its such a pain when it wont do what you want it to hopefully things will sort out meantime happy crafting with plenty of good days out will look forward to seeing your creations at Dabblers Luv Sue x

Janette said...

Oh Jackie don't give up please, we are all at our wits end with blogger, think everyone is suffering, and it does take the fun away but don't abandon ship just yet, lol.....xxxx

Doreen said...

I can see your followers fine Jackie...I do agree though blogging is becoming more of a

Mina said...

I know what you mean its frustrating isnt it...just put some of your lush work on and never worry about commenting for a while, it will get sorted eventually and you can comment then...everyone understands
Mina xxx

Mandy said...

Enjoy a break and hopefully the sunshine Jackie, fingers crossed blogger behaves better for you soon.
I think it's driving us all mad at the moment due to various problems :(
hugs Mandy xx

coops said...

oh jackie.i will miss you.i hope you get sorted soon.i know when blogger first starting acting up i had to reset my browser.

xx coops xx

Joanne said...

Oh dear Jackie, hang in there. I wish I had an answer for you. Hopefully you will get it sorted out soon! I know how frustrating it is when you have computer issues, they make me NUTS!!! BIG HUGS!! J:)

Christine said...

Hi Jackie this is totally how I feel bout blogger had a nitemare of a morning & was in tears real tears so frustrated.
then thought its a blooming machine dont let it beat me..
so another 1hr. later my post was at last rewritten published
as to ANY followers am like you & see my numbers but no peeps on mine or anyones..been like this since blogger did his bunk wks ago..phew..breath.

smiles Christine xx

Viv said...

Poor Jackie!!!! yes I had trouble also, seems to be better now though. Don't give up Jackie , what would we do without your beautiful photo's and cards!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx