Saturday 9 July 2011

Two more from my photographs + success at last

Good morning everyone, I hope all is well with you :o)
Although I have success at last, I also have some frustration which I can't seem to sort out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Firstly, I have finally taken advice - thanks to Christine and others - and downloaded Firefox and it's fantastic, I can see my followers for the first time in weeks and everyone else's too Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. What's more, all of your blogs are loading much faster :o)  
The frustration is that I cannot see my cursor so I don't know when it's there, or not as the case may be! I also  couldn't type in above, or in between, my photographs once I had uploaded them so I have taken them off and will now try placing them under this.
 No, it won't let me add them again so I will have to try later Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
Oh would you believe it, my cursor has just appeared out of thin air so maybe I will be able to upload now too, please cross your fingers for me!

OMG it worked. These cxomputers really do have a mind of their own don't they!
The first card is 8x8 and I took the gerbera photograph, and the roses below,  at Barnsdale a couple of weeks ago. The pearlised card mat looks brown on here but it is actually black.
 I opened both pics in PSP and gave them a soft frame, that is the only manipulation, the actual photographs are as they came out of the camera.  
The second card is 6x6 and much simpler and I have used green pearlised card for the basecard. I cannot believe it's taken me about 15 minutes to do this post with all the faffing, but I am hoping that the frustrating bits are ironed out now :o) 
Jackie xx


CraftyC said...

Sometimes think we all wanna chuck our computers out the window lol. Fab cards Jackie

Christine said...

Morning Jackie gorgeous pics love red poppies..sorry to give you bad news but after 2days of SEEING my folowers they have gone again & everyone elses, dont know if its just a blip 2day..but another blogger did say she had lost hers again..dont know what to try nxt sorry,

Christine xx

Wishcraft said...

Glad you've got it sorted Jackie! Firefox seems much better for blogger. Your cards are lovely - gorgeous photos and I love the matching flower you've added on the first one :o) Lisa x

Viv said...

Don't you just love technology!!!LOL
These are lovely Jackie - your photography skills are amazing. x

Viv said...

Oh my you have had problema it seems! I have firefox and love it too, IE was always closing on me for no reason. Lovely cards and photographs as usual Jackie:O) Viv xx

Cass said...

two beautiful cards Jackie.I love the gerbera one.

Cass xxx

Janette said...

Hi Jackie, Love these, what wonderful pics....

As for blogger....dare I say mine has been abit better over the last couple of days, but I have had Firefox all the time, someone told me to try Google chrome, but I had that it is gremlins...who knows but at times I really could scream...xxxxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jackie, love your photographs and the cards you've made with them. Lucky you, to be able to visit Barnsdale - it's been quite a few years since I last visited it but I'd love to go again. Re: followers - well mine were there this morning, but they've gone now - this happens every now and again so I expect they'll return eventually when blogger/whatever sorts itself out again :) Elizabeth x

Doreen said...

I love your photos Jackie. The things we do in the name of

Donna Mosley said...

Oh! Jackie, these are stunning. Two gorgeous photos and both are fab designs.

Donna x

coops said...

beautiful cards jackie.your pics are stunning :D

xx coops xx

Deborah Frings said...

Jackie - I really do like the way you use your own photos in your cards. I think the soft frames are really pretty.

As for the technology - it's a big learning curve!! I might have to play with Firefox.