Sunday, 8 September 2013

And finally, a card

Good morning everyone. Thank you for your support through my family trials and tribulations...hugs to you all. They haven't finished because no my daughter is now in the hospital with her gall stones! Thank goodness they are both in the same hospital, makes visiting them easier! 
But, there is a bright side at last. I got my car back yesterday, no charge as it was a manufacturer's fault,  afternoon and it feels wonderful. Only trouble is, after driving Stephen's card for a few days, I keep turning the windscreen wipers on instead of indicating LOL. 
The very best thing though is that Stephen is improving slightly each day. He now helps them (one handed)  to dress him, and when they are washing him he turns over when they ask him, so he is understanding things more. His face is back to normal. He talks a lot with his face and eyebrows and the old Stephen is back :o)
Anyway, enough of my family's woes. Here is the only card I have made since Stephen's stroke!

This photograph is of Uncle Doug in WW2 on his ship, HMS Penelope.
I gave it the soft frame and the text in PSP11 then printed it onto white linen card.
What a wonderful man he was and he will be remembered with much love :o)
Jackie xx


Sue - bearhouse said...

Hello Jackie
Sorry to hear that your daughter is also in hospital now, I hope she makes a quick recovery.
I am so pleased that Stephen is continuing to make a good recovery.
Your card is really beautiful. The photo is wonderful and I love the way you have softened it.
Sending you hugs
Sue xx

brenda said...

Oh dear me Jackie, one thing after another for you, but it does sound like good news on Stephen and pray your daughter is sorted quickly as well.

B x

Tracey said...

Jackie, I am so pleased to read that your son is starting the road to recovery, such good news. And your car repairs, phew, that is brilliant news, not so nice the car breaking down in the first place though. Sorry to read about your daughter and gall stones. Hope that they are able to remove them for her. Take care of yourself and sending you a big hug Tracey x

Mau xx said...

Oh! Jackie, I feel terrible that I hadn't been around and knew about Stephen, I am so sorry to read the news. I send you all my love. Stephen will be in our daily prayers for continued recovery, you and your daughter too. I guess the stress has triggered the gall stone flare up. What a dreadful few weeks you have had :( and I thought we had problems..huh!
Love the picture, what a handsome chap Uncle Doug was.
Huge Hugs Mau xx

Mau xx said...

Jackie been trying to find your email addy to ask for your address. If you ever find time can you let me have it. No probs if you don't manage to send it xxxxxxx
Hugs Mau xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Jackie, I am glad the car got repaired with no cost, I hope your Daughter will get her gall bladder sorted out, beautiful card.
Kevin xx

Doreen said...

Gosh it never rains but pours Jackie,I am so glad that Stephen is still progressing,and you have your car back....Things can only get

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Jackie, so sorry to hear about your troubles hun, it's one thing after another. Hope things get better for you all soon.

Donna x

coops said...

so pleased your son is continuing to improve jackie.i hope you daughter will be well soon too.
great news about your car and i love your masculine card.

xx coops xx

Vivienne Holden said...

A cracking card and such positive news re. Stephen Jack. He's doing extremely well in such a short time. All will be well, I'm sure of it. Just need to get Susan sorted now! Glad the car didn't cost you. Maybe that's a sign that things are looking up for ya! xxx

kay said...

It's so good to hear that things are improving for you and your family, hope your daughter is fighting fit soon also x

May said...

Hi Jackie,
Boy have you had a very hard time these past weeks...So glad to hear son is responding to physio/treatment...also sorry to hear your daughter is in hospital too I wish her a speedy recovery...So sorry to hear of the passing of your uncle what a beautiful tribute to him the photo is Gorgeous...Take care... Hugs May x x x

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Your Uncle Doug was quite the handsome young man back in his Navy days. It's wonderful that you can continue the love and memories through a card creation. Great news about Stephen...each step of improvement is a huge milestone. your daughter...good grief. I heard gallstone can present excruciating pain. I'm glad the doctors found the problem and nice that both are in the same hospital. I'm also thrilled that the car repairs didn't physically harm your purse and the people were honest about the problem. Haha When I drive my husbands car, his gears are in another position and I wind up having my hands in mid air trying to change gears...I feel so stupid, but then I laugh. Hope this week brings continued good news regarding your family.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Jackie, sorry your daughter is now in hospital too - gosh, everything is happening all at once!

So happy to hear that your car won't cost you a fortune - that is at least some good news.

Great that your son is improving at little each each - that is fantastic.

Love your card Jackie - a beautiful tribute to your Uncle Doug.

Jocelyn x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Sorry for my lack of visits, have been out and about the lst three days. Just caught up on all your posts. Fantatsic news that Stephen is improving so well. Great tha your car cost nothing too.

Sorry for your loss but what a fab card you made. Hugs xx

Viv said...

Such a lovely card and a good looking chap too.Lots of ups and downs for you lately Jackie.....take care :) Viv xx

Lesley said...

Hope you uncle Dougs funeral went smoothly - as he was ex RN he must have been a great man - I know of the HMS Penelope of the 1970's as I am ex QARNNS - hope your Stephen continues to make good progress best wishes Lesley x