Sunday 29 September 2013

Sorry, still nothing to show you

Good morning everyone, I hope all is as well in your world as it can be...hugs to you all.
Thank you all for understanding that I can't help being behind on visiting your blogs at this time. 
Susan is now fine and will be back at work the week after next.
Stephen is coming on apace now. He started last Sunday by wiggling his toes, then by Wednesday he was lifting his foot, and on Friday evening he was lifting his whole leg :o) We, (Susan and I) were absolutely cock-a-hoop, as was Stephen. His personality has not changed, thank goodness, and he was laughing at himself struggling to cut his bacon one handed with a fork. In the end he let us help him but wouldn't let us cut his sausage up, he stuck his fork in that and ate it like a lolipop LOL.
His speech is still very slow in coming back but he can at least now make us understand what he wants to say with facial expressions and gestures, none of which have been rude so far LOL.
No crafting for a while from me as I am currently dismantling my craftroom to make it into Stephen's bedroom, his little room is not big enough to allow for any nursing needs when he is able to come home. My bedroom is very large so I am moving most of my craftroom into there and the overspill into Stephen's old bedroom. Luckily I have plenty of cards in my box to tide me over for a little while.
As soon as I am able, I will be attempting to catch up with you all. Thank you for your patience, but most of all, thank you for caring :o)
Jackie xx


kay said...

Jackie,just pleased that Stephen is on the mend and your daughter ok,take care x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Aww Jackie, the last thing you need to worry about is visiting us. Just so pleased that Stephen is making such marvellous improvements and your daughter is going back to work too, that's great news. Hope he continues to mprove x

Sue said...

Hello Jackie
Thank you for the update about Stephen, I really am so pleased to hear that he is doing so well.
I am sure that having such a caring and supportive family is really helping him.
Definitely no need to apologise for lack of cards, we all totally understand.
Take care, sending you hugs
Sue xx

Chrissy C said...

So so glad everyone is on the up. A slow progress for Stephen but hopefully he will win in the end. Best wishes to you all. Good luck with all the moving around. Xxx

Myrna said...

Just wonderful to hear good news about your family.
Don't fret; when you get back to showing stuff we will all be here.

Doreen said...

So glad Stephen is doing well. You look after said...

Jackie pleased that Stephen is on the mend, make sure you and your daughter take some me time as it will be full on when he comes home.

Love Alison xx

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

What wonderful news and progression for Stephen this early morning as I drink my coffee. I'm having to move to a small craft space as we move in a few months. The realtor might make me take my room down NOW since it was our dining room....too bad. I love the details you shared about Stephen and his breakfast....he's got spunk...hooray for him.

Unknown said...

With you all the way Jackie! So happy for you and Stephen. Here's to even quicker milestones to come! xxx

coops said...

so pleased to hear that stephen is doing so well jackie and so glad your daughter is now recovered from her operation.
hugs nic.xx

nnalorac said...

So pleased things going in the right direction for you all Jackie. You take care. Carolxx

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Jackie, oh! hun, this is great news about Steven. so glad he is on the mend, he will feel much better when he gets home too. Big hugs for you all.

Donna x

Mau xx said...

Hi Jackie, we will still be here when you manage to craft again. Don't be fretting about not commenting, just try and keep us updated on your family.
Great to here that Susan is doing so well xx
Wonderful news about Stephen, I know his improvements will come rapidly now he has started on the road to recovery.
Thinking about you all every day.
Huge Hugs Mau xx

May said...

Hi Jackie, Great up-date on Stephen, don't you worry about us lot we will be here when your ready... your family need you at this time... so glad to hear Susan has made a speedy recovery.. thank you for your kind visit at this busy time in your life...Hugs May x x x

Christine L said...

I'm just trying to catch up Jackie.... so glad to hear that Stephen is doing so well... It's a shame that you can't get any crafting done... but I think we all know what's more important now!

Christine x

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Jackie,

I am absolutely thrilled that Stephen is improving so much - and great that Susan is doing so well too. It sounds like Stephen is very determined to get better too which is fantastic he needs to keep his spirits up too. He will no doubt have some frustrations along his journey but he will get there - it just takes time. He is so lucky to have you to support him :-)

Jocelyn x

Viv said...

Still catching up :) Viv xx